Breaking point

Now that the President has told us in a recorded interview that he sought foreign assistance in his election in 2015-16 and is doing so now, looking to the 2020 election, it might be time for the Democrats to move. I don’t mean on impeachment or an inquiry into such nor do I mean a bigger flurry of subpoenas which will be ignored and go into court purgatory. No. I mean massive political TV adds and social media items playing over and over all of the most outrageous things Trump has said and done, including what his supporters and lackeys have done.
Examples: Barr hemming and hawing over foreign interference. Grab them by the pussy. Yeah, I’d listen to foreigners giving me dirt on my opponents. And show screaming toddlers at the border, Muslims beings given the third degree at airports, the scenes from Charlottesville and Trump’s blessing on it.
I think we have enough to launch a nice attack. You know, that is what serious politicians and serious political parties do: they play hardball.

All you patriots: don’t talk to Republicans or fence-sitters, yell at Democrats to get serious. Fight!

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