Recently I posted to the blog some comments about what goes on in my school. I thought it was balanced, but someone kindly pointed out that such blogs can be interpreted as….. what? I am not sure. But I did remove the item. But it made me wonder….

How much such self-censorship is creeping into our daily life? In the past, an interview in a newspaper or comments made in a TV interview could land you in hot water. Now, perhaps, a blog. No matter how balanced or sincere one’s comments may be, another person may pick one or two words and declare that you have violated this or that. We have seen such denunciations on the various Lists.

So I will be as careful about mentioning institutions that can be easily identified as I have been about identifying persons who write to Lists with no thought of being quoted in someone’s blog. (Not that I have not mentioned people by name, but always in a context that would be OK with them)

I note that on the various Lists some posters have described in detail conditions and incidents at their schools. I hope no one has got into trouble over that. School districts do have guidelines for discussing internal information in public and blogging would probably fall under those.

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