Teachers should tremble…..

Why should teachers tremble? Listen to several things my 5 year old granddaughter has said recently. She starts kindergarten July 23.

When I asked her if she had had lunch with Grandma, she said she had but, “my panini wasn’t right.” I had to ask what a panini was.

Having drawn 3 items, she asked me to identify them. The rabbit was easy due to the big ears; the carrot I got from its contiguity with the rabbit; but the middle one got me. “It’s a rabbit listening to an IPod” was the answer.

A picture sprung up on the TV screen with Chinese music and a Chinese character on the screen. After about 3 seconds exposure she casually said, “That’s Chinese.” I asked her if it was the music or the writing that told her that. “Both,” she said.

It makes me glad I retired from teaching.

The foregoing blog entry was an excuse to talk about my cute granddaughter.

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