Spreading Democracy to Jena and…..?

I am a sixty-five year old African American woman and a retired school counselor. I am just appalled at what is going on around the Jena six. How can these? mainly white people say that a noose hanging from a tree is not a racist act? What is it then ? In my history and what I have

seen throughout the years a noose represents hanging someone and in the South it represents hanging a black person. If the nooses were not meant to be a racist signal, then why did they appear after the black students sat under that tree?

Roland, you are the first one that I have noticed that has brought the dogs and the outrage that was heaped on Michael Vick together with the Jena outrage. My mother told me as I was growing up that white people cared more about their dogs than they did about black people. Her proof was that they let their dogs sleep in their beds, eat from their plates, sit on their furniture as well as kiss them whereas if we who cleaned their homes so much as sat on their bed, they would fire us.

Here it is 2007 and my mother was absolutely right. Where is the outrage about all the injustices that are perpetrated on blacks everyday and year after year? The good white folks are just as silent as ever. Yet, Bush is taking democracy to Iraq. What a joke. He is spreading democracy to the Iraqis when black Americans don’t have democracy in this country. I have been married to a white man since 1964. We married shortly after the law against interracial marriages was rescinded in Arizona.

Letha Barrett

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