At what point can we file a complaint?

Accidentlally, believe me, very accidentally, I hit upon a TV talk show called The View. A person named Laura Inghram was speaking. My wife says she is a conservative commentator on Fox.

I actually heard her compare what she called the “disenfranchisement” of middle America, heartland America with the disenfranchisement of Blacks in the 60s. If you think I am somehow distorting this, that I misheard her, that I am taking it out of context, you can order a copy maybe of the show. She also has a book out but I doubt she would be so stupid as to put such a disgusting comparison in print.

The question in my title is just when can we stop listening to “all sides” and just call that sort of comment what it is: the slightest problem for White people is much bigger than any problem Blacks may have had voting, like being fired, being beaten, having your house or church set afire, even being killed. This privileged piece of work can actually sit there and compare the frustrations of what she calls “middle America” with the vicious, illegal, and immoral campaign by White Southerners against Blacks exercising their right to vote. Do conservatives reading this support that sort of thing? Hell, she’s on Fox, the darling network of conservatives so isn’t it reasonable to assume she’s toeing the conservative line?

You tell me. Especially if you’re a middle American who feels disenfranchised.

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