The elections

Today I heard Hillary Clinton refer to herself as a woman running for president and that people should not forget that she is a woman.

Can Obama say, “I’m a Black man running for president and remember that when you vote” without being accused of “playing the race card”?

This shows that the real dividing line in this country is still race, not sex. Obama’s run, whether it ends in the White House or not (has anyone told him that if he wins, he has another four years to go?) will go a long way to loosen up the bonds of race.

Every day, esp when I sub in shools, I deal with this issue – which I prefer to call ethnic conflicts, ethnic differences, and so on b/c race is such a discredited word when we are speaking scientifically. In these schools, most administrators do not want to deal with the issue. Perhaps Obama’s run will give our country permission to talk about race without Black people being accused of “playing the race card.”

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