English is so quirky, unlike other languages

Here’s a typical attitude toward English

The rule for English as I taught it more than 30 years ago(!) in France is:

One syllable adjectives add -er (smart > smarter)

Three or more syllables use “more ____” (amusing > more amusing)

Two syllable adjectives can go either way: more friendly / friendlier are

both correct.

Of course, being English there are a zillion exceptions to those rules; just

think of all the little kids who apply the rules to the exceptions, esp.

things like “funner”.

Embedded in the language of the post (not necessarily what the poster intended) implies that English is different in having lots of ’exceptions’.

Are they exceptions or is the formulation quoted simply a gross simplification of the actual state of the language? Is English outstandingly full of exceptions?

I hope we all know this is not true. But what if we challenged this view everytime we heard or saw it?

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