Transfer of discussion from a listserv: illegal immigration

Recently some comments were made on a listserv about a movie called ’La Misma Luna’. I haven’t seen the movie and felt that the brouhaha on the List had pluses and minuses on both sides. The sides were divided by one poster’s alternative ending to the movie where a kid gets run over and land mines were mentioned as a possible barrier to illegal entrants.

Now, when you consider that about 80% of the members of the List are Spanish teachers, you can see that this might raise ire and eyebrows. I felt that one response, while perfectly understandable, was at the same time calling for censorship. The nicest people can suggest censorship out of a sense of decency, kindness, reasonableness, concern for others, and so on. It still winds up being censorship.

On the other hand, the discussion was going along nicely when suddenly a Spanish teacher offered this gory alternative ending, out of nowhere. It landed with a thud (play on the words of the offending post).

I’ve categorized this entry as “general” b/c I’m simply offering a forum for discussion of the issue. What is the issue? I’m not sure. Sickening endings to nice movies, endings guaranteed to set off 70+% of the readership of the listserv? Illegal immigration? Curbing blood-thirsty, video game satiated youth’s repulsive imaginings?

So maybe the first order is to define our topic. Anyone?

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