Why doesn’t Jon Stewart…………?

I couldn’t access the Daily Show site – called a “community” – so out of frustration, I’m blogging this.

Why doesn’t Stewart do as the network and cable news shows don’t and comb the archives for footage of McCain in other debates to see if he looked at his opponents then the way he did not with Obama.

I believe McCain knew he could not look at Obama without getting mad. McCain’s family origins are on a Mississippi plantation. His father and grandfather were admirals in the highly aristocratic Navy at a time when Blacks were relegated to menial positions (my father-in-law for one, during WW II). Remember Dory Miller, the hero of Pearly Harbor who shot down enemy fighters? He wasn’t supposed to be operating a gun, he was supposed to be cooking.

Why else would McCain not look at Obama? If he has the same behavior with White opponents, fine. But if not, what is the explanation?

I think only Jon Stewart would tackle this. When I first heard that Americans were getting news from a comedy show, I thought, “Oh, great. Another example of American intellect.” But after watching Stewart for several years now (and thus keeping my sanity during the Bush debacle) and watching him interview major figures, I realize why people watch him.

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