James’ survey

Someone named James asked teachers to take a brief survey on methodology. The first set of questions offered response choices that were forced choice; the second set of questions were essentially the same, but now they focused on your own use of the techniqes/methods with never/seldom/often rather than ’always’, etc.

I would like to know James’ rationale for that; my bet is that it is a kind of cross-check.

I thought the questions did get to real issues in the classroom. I’m not sure if “inflection” was the word sought in one question; maybe it was supposed to be “reflection”.

You can’t go back through the survey without answering the questions. That’s why I hate computers and on-line crap. If it had been a pencil & paper survey, I could have flipped back through it. Drats!!!

I now hope James or someone follows up with asking people for their rationale for what they do or do not do. I am taking over for a teacher who uses translation with grammar explanations as his sole method of instruction. That is a time-honored method in Latin classes but what is the rationale for it?

BTW, another thing I don’t like about surveys that do not allow comments or writing in the margins: I hope James doesn’t think that I’m a Latin teacher only. I also taught Spanish and Russian for the same amount of time.

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