Lesson plans and activities Feb. 23-27

We have done a sketch of 3 connected stories using the format I’ve described before. Now we are turning in one such sketch of all 3 stories combined. Monday I will test over another story that has similar vocab and setting but different enough to challenge them in laying out the sketch.

To my two’s and three’s I will introduce two of Aesop’s fables. We should be able to get some discussion going.

I introduced a way of getting into discussions by doing two Venn diagrams today, one that they helped me construct and that they had to write down themselves. But the second one was one we just launched into and constructed as we discussed it. Then I told them I would like to see more such activities i.e. where we just discussed the stories.

From there, we can move into discussing events that are personal. Parallel to that, we will continue reading stories and I will pursue a lecture series on the geography of the Classical World. It’s tough going with the One’s due in part to lack of vocab and in part to immaturity – they’re a good group but only 14 y.o.

Next week is the last week before Spring Break and I hope to introduce ’circle time’ where we discuss a particular topic. I know they have great doubts but my experience is that they will dredge up things to say, working around the lacunae in their vocab.

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