Quote from a learning log

This was a learning log from a 3rd year student. She is referencing a story we had read:

“I enjoyed answering the question about the story b/c I noticed I comprehended it so much better. I could understand what you were asking.

I also learned the culture of Roman people which includes dolls and games.

I like the “actionis folium” [action sheet] b/c we can analyze the story and reassure we understand what’s going on. Also, we can get more out of the story.

I wish at times we can make sure more than just Student X gets in and better our understanding of verbs and tenses.”

She is refering to the fact that one student grasps grammar amazingly easily. The former teacher was a strict grammar/translation teacher and the students report that he only taught to X b/c he immediately grasped the grammar point, allowing the teacher to go on as if everyone had understood. So whenever grammar issues come up, he expounds on them, demonstrating his superior knowledge (not in an arrogant way; he just knows it), and other students wish they had his grasp. I tell them we’ll get there.

It is noteworthy that when this class appeared before an exam proctor last December, she remarked, “You have the highest performing kids in the school in this class.” And this is a somewhat selective private school, so all the students are bright and hardworking and have a good academic background. But grammar is so abstract that only a small percentage of people get it the first time around, like X. Now that they are reading more confidently, they are picking out how the grammar works and are ready for quick explanations and even a few paradigms.

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