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During Spring Break, my picture files have been the target of my efforts. For a brief explanation:
I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures, most cut out of the NYT magazine whose quality is high. I had student aides paste the pictures onto manila folders over many many years.

A few years back, I set up a system of sorting, with about forty general categories like transportation, rooms, weather, etc. plus 3 special categories: verbs set up alphabetically, objects divided into about 50 categories (rope/sring, weapons, machine parts, etc.) and places divided into about 50 categories (gardens, walls, stores, roads, etc.) . With great effort, I sorted hundreds of pictures into these categories and then went through stories and articles as we read them in class and pulled pictures that went with the stories.

So I am doing that now with my stories in Latin. Some pictures I take from the textbook, blow them up and paste them onto manila folders, esp characters in the stories. So I use the pictures to tell the story, showing the pictures as I recount the events and personages in the story.

So, the reason I am posting this as a lesson plan, is that for assessment, I will first go over the story a number of times in different ways, illustrating passages with the pictures. Then I will pass out a picture at random to each student who will then have to say/write something about the pictures they have, using the context and vocabulary of the story.

The only fly in the ointment (mosca in unguento) is that this assessment is obviously production and there is a question as to whether my students are at the production phase of acquisition yet. We’ll find out.

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