A Modest Proposal

Conservatives rightly complain of taxes. No one likes to pay taxes. We liberals pay them b/c we think it takes money to run the society.

But we could cut. For instance, all those illegal alien kids; why educate them? Why give them health care? That won’t change their legal status.

If we just don’t spend the money, they’ll grow up…. for a while, according to my plan, and run the streets looking for food, sick and unemployable. What’s the problem?

Initially, they would be pests, that’s true. But we could look to the Brazilian model. When their street kids get out of hand, the store owners who are vandalized and robbed by these kids and have their customers driven away by their presence, tell the police to deal with it. I can see us fielding an army of policemen to get rid of these kids.

But the policemen in Brazil aren’t too civic minded and don’t see killing these kids as part of their duty. But the store owners are clever: they band together in a cooperative and pay the police extra to go out and night and hunt these kids down in their lairs and off them.

The only part about that I don’t like is that “cooperative” stuff, like a collective. That’s awfully socialistic. Kind of like those Latins. American store owners, I’ll bet, would get strapped themselves, go out at night and hunt these kids down.

You know, this could be the revival of the tradition of the Old West when decent folk hunted down Indians or the Old South when patrollers, civic-minded citizens, went after run-away slaves.

These citizens wouldn’t be paid, but once we get real people in the White House, the Medal of Freedom could be given to whoever kills the most kids. Maybe ears could be used as tokens. The award could be in the form of a big ear…… well, as big as a kid’s ear gets.

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