My final exam

I’ve really dropped the ball on keeping this up. I’m turning over a new leaf this coming year and blogging at least once a week on what I’ve been doing.

With finals over, I looked over the results and they were quite good. I thought the exam was cleverly constructed. There was one huge problem with it: it was all out-put. The question is, have the students internalized enough Latin structure to respond coherently?

It seems they did as long as you keep in mind their levels: first, second, third and fourth years. It all fell into line, with the first year students using formulaic lines from the stories and their notes (which they had to use for the exam). The third year wrote short sentences and the second year students were in between.

The notes they used were things like character grids with basic facts about each character, so I was looking for those facts and then some things that they did or happened to them in the stories. I got that.

The format of the test was mostly pages (15 or so for the freshmen, 30 or so for the rest) with a picture of a character or place from the stories. Lead questions like where they are from were at the top and then they added to those questions. There was a set of pictures in a story board format to create a story with plus a map to plot the journey of our hero on. Questions on my Language Awareness unit followed. I lacked culture on this test and no speaking parts.

I am looking forward already to next semester. After that, I am looking forward to increased enrollment for Latin for the coming year.

I’ll go back and recap some of the things I’ve done since my last entry in this category.

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