difficulties in comprehension when words are from English

Post from a listserv:
> In fact, when I was asked in France, “Tu aimes Harry Potter?” I never did
> manage to understand until the speaker pronounced it not English. I was
> sure some deficiency in my vocabulary prevented me from understanding.
> Marti

It is very frustrating in a language where English words are used in almost every sentence. In Urdu, b/c of the British influence, not only Engish words are thrown in at every occasion (and not just to show off but as an integral part of the language), but they enter into the grammar, so that to pay someone becomes kys ko pay karna. On top of that, many English words are used in a different sense: hotel means restaurant and rush means a crowd.
It really messes me up, even in writing b/c they use the Arabic alphabet and I’m trying to make sense out of mit only to realize they mean M.I.T. My brother is doing graduate work at MIT becomes Mera bhai MIT meng graduate work karta hay.

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