Lesson plans and activities for the beginning of March

March is a great month for Latin teachers because everyone knows about the Ides of March and since we do dates in Latin every day, there is a degree of excitement leading up to March 15 (it’s tricky, b/c Ides usually falls on the 13th exept for 4 months, March being one of those).

We are developing a fairy tale and my Threes are at the point of having written their basic sentences, the skeleton or framework of the tale and a good deal of the connecting material. So today I had them read what they had. As we went along, I probed with questions (in English) about what they were saying, asking, for instance, what noun an adjective was describing. That usually triggered an aha moment as they realized an agreement problem needed to be taken care of. Or it triggered a question on their part.

All in all, I was very happy with what they had produced, showing they had internalized some things and were able to use their monitor for other things.

The Twos, despite difficulty I’ve had with them, got down to work and asked good questions, some of which pushed me to the edge of my Latin (Latin is the language I’ve taught with the least amount of comfort).

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