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Next week we present our fairly tales. This week has been revealing b/c I can see how well students can produce. Production is a questionable activity at first and second years. Nevertheless, I want to try it. What I got backs up what I’ve read others to have experienced, i.e. students are fairly effusive with a variety of errors. Because this is in presentational mode where the maximum use of the monitor is possible, grammatical accuracy is the focus. They are eager to “get it right” b/c it’s for their presentation. They understand the corrections b/c they have internalized some Latin.

A side benefit was perceiving my own ability to listen to spoken Latin and spot agreement and genders errors and so forth. That was fun though stressful. What is fun, too, is finding words like ’magic wand’ and ’fairy princess’. Some of the boys, of course, want ’machine gun’.

So Monday the illustrations will be done and we’ll hear the presentations. Do I give them a graphic organizer to keep track of the elements of each story or do I just let them listen? What do you think?

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