acquisition through reading

In some self-talk, I found myself saying “e infieldad” instead of “y in…”, the first sign that e before i has been acquired. I wonder how?
I’ve been reading a lot in Spanish the last few days.

Also, last night as my wife was asking me to throw out some residue from a roast, I noticed a mushroom still in the broth and when I went to say I needed to get the mushroom out first, the word that popped into my mind was hongo. I had just been reading in Spanish but I haven’t used or read the word hongo in quite a while, so it seems I was in the Spanish part of my brain still, despite chatting with my wife in English.

Next day……..
After an evening of speaking Spanish, this morning I thought about a little girl of “diez u once anos”, showing the spread of the e before i rule to the u before o rule.

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