A fascinating thread on flteach

If you want to see a fascinating example of strange bedfellows, read flteach, thread title Arizona teachers with accents.
The discussion went to the AZ illegal immigration law just signed. From there, it has uncovered a “yawning chasm” of ignorance on the part of many American teachers as to what rights Americans have.
But the most fascinating part is that people on the List who normally find themselves on the same side on grammar/communication, tprs/traditional, etc. arguments are now on opposite sides. Opposite sides is a misnomer; it’s more like some people site experiences in Europe where “show your papers, please” seemed an innocuous custom and some people, like me, are going apoplectic that any American, esp a teacher, would think it’s even slightly ok to ask someone to identify themselves.
Please go to flteach just to read this one thread. Very, very interesting and somewhat frightening.

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