Gee, I was just throwing out ideas… I’m not sure I even knew who Hitler was.

Recently on a latin teacher listserv, a member gave us the url to a “nice article” in which the Democratic Party was labeled The Democrat Party, a catch-word of the far right Republicans. A reference was made to Clinton’s infamous “it depends on what the meaning of is is” in order to illustrate the decadence of our society. Invidious comparisons were invoked to condemn modes of thought inimical to the author, like modern thought and liberal thought. The author clearly believes Christianity to be the only valid, universal truth. Here is a sample of what she wrote:

“When words hold no significance, ideas simply do not flourish. I daresay this is why postmodern America is having trouble keeping up with the Great Conversation of western civilization. Knowledge does not advance when people argue what is is. Ideas do not flourish when words have meaning only for the individual. Debates do not resolve when no one even cares to define terms, and education is pointless when universal truth is replaced by relativism.”

The person who gave us the url declared in a follow-up post that

“My only intent was to add to the classical conversation. Please take what you will from this article, or take nothing at all.”

Perhaps if I posted a url to a site that had some ideas about fl on it, such as fl should be banned from the U.S. and no true American should want to know a fl, I could say, “Gee, I was just offering something. Take ti or leave it but don’t get your knickers in a twist.” When will people ever learn to take responsibility.

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