Therefore the SLA research and other research in the psychology of learning can only stimulate, not dictate.
In this situation, best practices can be established only with a great deal of tolerance.
In order to achieve an acceptable level of norms, standards, best practices, we need to assess learning on the basis of a shared goal.
For linguistically oriented teachers the goal is creative use of L where the term “creative” means the ability to generate spontaneously well-formed sentences in the L

Such a well-prepared teacher can and will succeed given similarly prepared students. Lacking such students, a teacher can only offer this heritage. To adapt to found conditions is to admit such poorly prepared students to the charmed circle of our heitage where they truly do not belong.
This treasure must be guarded and protected and part of the heritage is the way it is transmitted and to whom it is transmitted.
Those students who are not a good fit with this transmitted heritage should be channeled elsewhere.
Writing is the hallmark of high L and high culture and should be the starting point in L study.

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