In a fit of rage……

In a fit of rage, I wrote this to Diane Rheme but changed my mind. I’ll write it here where no one will read it.

I usually do not scream at the radio in part b/c I can count on you to hold your guests’ feet to the fire. But today, a pre-recorded show, I went crazy as those pompous, well-fed pundits talked and talked about the markets and the banks and investors and so on. But not once did they say a word about the thieves who were given carte blanche by the Republicans and not a few Democrats to do what they would with our finances. A lot of those financeers broke the law and were at least guilty of unconscionable greed.

Now, when a Black guy who can’t find a job robs a convenience market, these conservatives (Heritage?? Are you serious? The Journal?? thank god for Baker) call for the death penalty. But for the high-fliers, their friends, they ask that we give them an open hand.

I’ve been a Liberal Democrat from the beginning, when JFK ran against Nixon. But do you think you can find some way to call these conservatives to account for what they’ve done? One caller asked for patriotism from the corporations. The answer: “they’re in business to make money, that’s the way our system works.” I’ll quit before I start including expletives.I am moving toward cutting my ties with anything but credit unions, no credit cards, etc. I have lost confidence in the morality of our financial operators and commentators. All the conservatives know of morality is a teenage girl in the back seat of a Chevy.

Completely fed up with your guests,
Pat Barrett – a very long-time listener

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