Response to a column re the bust of Stalin

Stalin was a major leader of WW II, one of our allies, that’s it. That’s why he’s there. If you want him gone for moral atrocities he committed, how about all the American slave holders whose busts and paintings occupy every niche in Washington. Will you demand they be removed? No, because murdering and enslaving Black people just isn’t the same as murdering and enslaving Ukrainians. Maybe I can help you see the equivalency – imagine your daughter being conducted to the bedroom of the master for him to use any way he pleases. Does that get to you? Now your boys sent to feed the ovens of a sugar cane plantation where flames reach out from time to time to engulf the boys. How about that image? Does anything reach through this armor Americans wear when it comes to atrocities? When have we ever admitted our own? The Klan still operates in my wife’s hometown in Texas. The Klan killed fewer Blacks than Stalin killed kulaks – so who’s counting?

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