funny story you may not appreciate

My wife and I went to a graduation where we parked in a huge parking lot and stupidly forgot to mark where our car was. We wandered around pretty much by ourselves since we had exited early but finally split up to look for it. I took my grandson with me and he found it, so I drove down to the end of the row to go back up it to pick up my wife.

I was stopped and told I couldn’t go that way, I could only exit. I argued with the parking lot policeman but he was adamant, so I swung around and went back up the row and squeezed between two pillars set up to block exit. Of course, I got yelled at but when I explained, this guy told me the guy at the other end had a walkie-talkie and could tell one of the attendants in a cart just to pick her up. So I did that.

The guy at the other end this time was Black. He called the pick-up in. I told him how upset my wife would be, wandering around in the Arizona heat, etc. He tried to mollify me, saying she’d be fine. She called me on my cell and was p.o.’d, saying they were driving past her (probably looking for a White woman since I’m White but she’s Black), etc. So I started again complaining about how upset she was going to be, how much trouble I was in, etc. And he kept mollifying me, telling me they had just radioed that they had picked her up and that she’d be here in a minute and everything would be OK……. then the truck pulled up and she stepped out.
“Oh, she Black. You in big trouble, man.”

If you can’t appreciate this, you might be in Obama’s shoes. There is a lot about African-American culture he doesn’t know b/c he is not an African-American, he’s a Kenyan-American.

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