People will never let go of the word Ebonics

This was elicited by comments on MSNBC by a host commentator, Rattigan.

Again, we have the stupid, racist, uninformed b.s. elicited by the word Ebonics. Ignorant people, too lazy to google African-American Vernacular English or just plain Black English – how hard is that? – continue to make jokes about the speech of Black people as if we were still in an episode of Amos ’n’ Andy (note the ” ’n’ ” to denote Black people’s inability to speak properly as White people do. We know all White people always fully enunciate the d of ’and’).

This crap will continue as long as:
#1 racism toward Blacks exists
#2 people are too lazy to read a book or even a wiki article

So it looks like we are in for a long siege – probably centuries. Even Black people join in the stupidity.

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