Distorting our view of people

Remember some years ago, those of you on flteach, how two guys got into it with us on the list about alcohol being available on the premises of conferences? They labeled it unprofessional.
Keep in mind, those who didn’t read their posts, that they were not talking about people slurping Buds during a workshop but rather about people being able to go to dinner at the conference site and order a beer.
Is there any nook or cranny in which religion doesn’t try to control people? By making these two guys believe that anyone who drinks an alcoholic beverage is a drunk, religion has distorted their view of people. Their judgments are totally skewed b/c of this silly belief about alcohol. They have nothing to base it on except what they have been taught – and “taught” is a charitable word. Indoctrination is more like it.
When will this end?

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