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Summer is over. Our monsoon was supposed to fade away by mid-September but yesterday I pulled into my garage and left the door up it was so nice out. I went to the freezer to pull out some meat and went to the back door. The open door admitted a blast of air, cool air (we’ve been over 100) and when I went out to the grill, rain drops were commencing. I raised the grill lid and got hit in the back by a wall of wind and water that made me slam the lid down and run back into the house. I watched, hungry, as the wind savaged my back yard. Within minutes, flashflood warnings were out.
That’s a signal the weather is changing, I guess. Anyway, while my reading has been swamped by school stuff, I came into some money and after the RMMLA conference, where I might buy some books, I’ll order a passel and let you know what I order.
Ruth Laila Schmidt’s Essential Urdu Grammar from Routledge is no longer available at my local library nor at the university library, so I’ll definitely order that. The price isn’t bad. Just out of curiosity, I looked at prices for The Romance Languages by Harris and Vincent, a paperback ———– $340 to $380!!!!!!!!!! How the hell does that happen? It’s an excellent book for serious students/teachers of the Romance languages. What is wrong with our supply of books on academic topics? I remember with fondness the cheap books the Soviets printed. I got Burrows’ Sanskrit Grammar for a few dollars. I see it’s $42 new on Amazon. That’s not bad but $10 or $15 are better……. if you read Russian.

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