Is it any wonder?

I find this very strange:

“Indeed very interesting.

And sad in more than way.

I am surprised that the letter does

not mention any consequences to

the posters cited:

Kill the Boer, kill the farmer.

Dubulu i Bhunu

One Boer one bullet
Were there any?

In every Western country

I can think of, such posters,

especially if directed

at a minority, would be


South Africa a Western country? What? Like Russia? Like Germany? Like Spain, where the society is still divided? Even my country, the U.S., is still fighting our civil war. A textbook published for fourth graders that says Blacks flocked to the Confederate banners to defend slavery? And you wonder that a country where grenades were being tossed into churches just a few years ago and peaceful demonstrators were tortured and murdered by the authorities still has a trace of bitterness? As long as there is freedom of speech you will have to put up with the expression of hatred and rancor.

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