A lost e-mail to David Schweikert, newly elected rep from AZ

I could not find a contact point at your website and found this address on the Who Runs Gov from the Washington Post site.

I just wanted to say to you that I heard you on npr today and I am sick that so many Republicans have been elected. Sick to my stomach and sorry for this country. Eventually people like you will lose as the Republican party withers in its angry White base of undereducated people like Sarah Palin. Until then, you will enrich yourself and suck the wealth out of this country, weaken our military as you use it for your own ends, turn our schools over to private businesses who will screw the kids and teachers to make their profits, and do everything possible to provide health care only for those you deem worthy, people like you. Every person who voted Republican that I’ve talked to shows complete ignorance of the major issues and accept the Republican line that there is no country we can’t bring into line by bombing them, no individual we can’t fix by executing him, no school we can’t fix by turning it into a test-prep factory, and no military issue we can’t solve by ravaging our people, leaving them no choice but to go into the military.  

Just as the man you beat represented all Americans plus immigrants, that is your job, too. You can join your party in bashing immigrants, Muslims, the President of the United States, progressives and liberals, Democrats, and all the other targets of Fox, or you can step back and look hard at the issues, learn the facts, develop a mature, serious, principled conservative outlook and rationale, and act on that. I hope you do the latter, I really do.

OK, so here’s what I really wrote:

Never mind, it’s not showing up. That’s strange. I found an e-mail address for Schweikert, clicked on it and got a screen and wrote on it and hit ’send’. Nothing is showing up now. If Sheriff Joe comes for me, you will know why. My e-mail was not mild but milder than what I’ve written above.

How many of these conservatives are sincere and just ignorant and how many are clever manipulators, like the guys who tell us to fear the gay agenda while they are hiring young men to pleasure them? They are like televangelists who don’t believe their own holy hype and are in it just for the money and the women (or boys). They know the rich don’t spend their money on job-generating activities; they know that poor people are not lazy; they know that all kids deserve a decent education; they know that health care for everyone keeps our nation strong and the pre-Obama system was killing us financially and literally; they know that we can’t bomb foreign countries into submission to our policy goals; they know that Wall Street will do anything, including bringing the country down, to make more money b/c money is their only loyalty; they know that unions make for strong industry; they know all this.

And yet they sell us out to make themselves personally rich. They are a disgrace. Maybe some of the greybeards of the GOP can bring the party back from the brink; either that or Sarah Palin will destroy it.

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