Oh, conyo, screw it then.

I just got back from a 5 day vacation and read the article on the Sp word conyo
All the information is given about the word’s variability without remarking that certain individuals cannot tolerate variability and those are probably the people pushing to have this teacher reprimanded or fired.
Are the lawyers so stupid that can’t compare this word with English “screw”? Would a teacher be reprimanded for shouting at a student, “Screw you!”. Most likely. Would a teacher be fired for muttering, “Oh, screw it” when she can’t get the projector to work? No one would notice. Yet “screw” is very clearly, at a lexical level, has the exact same meaning as the infamous “F word”.
This treads the fields of pragmatics, a field requiring agility of mind, something noticeably lacking in the personnel of this brouhaha.

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