Just to keep you on your toes…..

Just to keep you on your toes……..

On our way out of town Thursday we stopped at a country-western themed restaurant. Our waitress was very country-western herself, a not-too-young person, friendly with a aw shucks manner. As a mixed-race couple, we have from the beginning enjoyed country-western music and square dancing, but you are always on the look-out for a Yee haw! and Confederate flags.

As we chatted with the waitress at the end of our meal, the talk turned to how long we had been married and she was astounded at the 46 years figure. Then she revealed she had been married for 10 years…. to a Black man. Her question was not racial but how do you get him to do chores. Typical marriage question. Who deals with the kids, etc.

I was reminded again that people are infintely varied. I hope I can keep that in mind when I deal with my next tea-partier.

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