An unconscious process? Finding the spot where you left off reading

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this about themselves. Hundreds of times, I have picked up something I had been reading and started at a point. Then I catch myself and check back to make sure I haven’t skipped a part i.e. started at a point well after where I had left off.
This is what is strange. About 90% of the time, I discover that I had started exactly where I had left off. Once in a while, I discover that I had skipped down a bit and need to go back beyond my start point to find the point where I stopped. But most of the time, by far, I somehow manage to pick a spot exactly where I had left off.
It puzzles me because it doesn’t seem to matter how long before I had stopped reading the piece or how long the piece is or even what language it is in. What part of my brain is capable of storing that information unconsciously?
The whole thing makes me think of neural-linguistic programming, the approach to learning that uncovers a lot of unconscious processes.

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