Solecisms # 7 Verbal chaining cf. Sp. perifrasis

“I turned around and used spray…” woman raised in Iowa, college educated. Cf. “I took and….” as when an Army linguist said, “We’ll take and send a linguist into a family to immerse them with a family…” The emotional tone of describing how the Army “kicks butt” in training their linguists (military lingo for someone competent in another language) called for the sudden, decisive action… “take and…”
Also, “They can take and carry those funds or take and pool those funds.”
A neighbor from the upper Midwest said, “He took and sanded it down” and “What I can do is take and actually pin that.”
Cathy B. at a collections agency: “…. and they can take and verify it.”
“What Bob has taken and done….” referring to gas station owner closing his station.

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