Solecisms # 8 Dialects

“You used to could do it.” Not so much a non-modal use of ’used to’ but rather the Southern practice of pairing modals.
“… have driven the Republican bus off a cliff, it doesn’t mean Democrats know how to drive their own one.” This is not dialect and I don’t think it’s regional, but it is standard but I can’t place where.
And this one: referring to work actions, “We’ll stop us to work.” This sounds like the NE Boston speech, “I enjoy to travel.” Perhaps there’s influence from other languages.
Diane Rehm, of Lebanese extraction (old word), said, “I’m interested to talk…” where I would say “I’m interested in talking….”
A friend tells me that the word “often times” is a marker of Mormon speech. Other uses similarly mark the person as Mormon, perhaps because of their Utah origins.
…. might could…. from a man speaking very deep Black dialect.

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