Kids These Days – The Millenial Generation

Too bad I don’t participate in flteach anymore; this article does a good job of showing how DIFFERENT is often interpreted as inferior. Because young people work differently from older people, they are judged DEFICIENT. The reality is very different.
But let’s take a look at the older generation. How many teachers are willing to change the way they teach or even look at the way they teach? How many older people automatically reject anything new or different: they hate immigrants, they hate Black popping up every where on T.V. (I want my country back); they scoff at social media, seeing it as a waste of time.
And how do they spend their time? Watching stupid sit-coms and sports. How much do they read? Little. What do they read? More stupid crap. They are wedded to their comforts just as we saw when die-hard Republicans perceived their party as messing with their Medicare and they dumped the GOP.
So, just as there are older people who continue to learn, who participate in civic affairs, who show flexibility and adaptability, so there are young people who are shallow and spiritless, without worthy ambition. IOW, we’re the same as we’ve always been as people. As members of a specific generation we are all susceptible to the vagaries of our time.

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