Agree/Disagree/Agree Somewhat/A bunch o’ crap

This is an introductory summary of what I call communicative teaching and others call Comprehensible Input teaching. Would anyone please indicate disagreement, misgivings, or elaboration? (It was written by Carol Gaab)

In order for language to be acquired, it must be comprehensible (Krashen & Terrell, 1983). Overt grammar instruction and/or correction has little impact on language growth (Krashen, 1998; Gray, 2000; Truscott, 1996). Reading has a profound positive effect on language development (Krashen, 1998, 2004; Rodrigo, 2009). Context is a powerful tool for enhancing SLA — second language acquisition (Fuller, 2002; Fleishman & Roy, 2005; Krashen 2002). It is much easier and more enjoyable to acquire a language than it is to learn a language (Krashen & Terrell, 1983).

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