Deliverance from the Big Man

Who knew? As the conservative penchant for idolizing power played itself out in both Britain and the U.S. to a highly destructive denouement this past week, the movement here has found precious little to admire in its star line-up for the presidential race upcoming. Obama raised more money than all the Republican contenders combined. As the U.S. team of soccer ladies proved that not all Americans are testosterone idolizing knuckle-draggers, huge numbers of Americans seem to be saying backwoods candidates redolent of the banjos* of Deliverance are not their speed. They prefer people who back up their patriotism with a minimum knowledge of American history and a grasp on foreign affairs at least equal to that of a fifth grader.
All you have to do to test the shallowness of the conservative Big Man worship is imagine any of the candidates other than Romney going up against Obama in a debate………. hell, in a game of 21 Questions. With Murdoch apparently going down, we can only wonder if Democrats will find a backbone replacement therapy that will get them to begin investigating the Wall Street criminality so apparent to everyone but them.
*Apologies to banjo players.

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