Bill Maher’s Republican in a Bubble

How about the “I” issue? Obama uses “I” and “me” more than any other president and that marks his self-centeredness, his me-generation status, his self-absorption, and so on. At least that’s what conservative pundits latched onto.
But SCIENCE strikes again in the form of a trolling of presidential addresses over the last 60 years or so that finds Obama uses FEWER 1st person pronouns than ANY other recent president. There!…… right?
Nope. If you are a good Republican and conservative (same thing, nowadays), you have FAITH that Obama is self-centered, selfish, etc., etc. You don’t need no science guy to tell you what’s obvious. How could Obama be anything other? He’s a Black guy in the White House. THAT”S NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE!
(OK, I was sneaky in labeling the category of this post Word Usage; it’s also partly politics, but the use of scientific methods aka linguistics to resolve faith-based notions seemed to me to warrant the Word Usage label)

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