Is there something wrong wih me?

I have no idea where to categorize this, but just now my wife called me from the office supply store to ask where the e-mailed document sent to them was. She asked if I put “cc” in the address.

At first, I thought she meant “cc” as in “copied to” (from the anachronistic “carbon copy”), but it turned out that when the kid said “charlie charlie”, he meant “cc”, as in radio communication: dog fox charlie zebra, etc.

Now when I was in combat in ’Nam (OK, I got a deferment for my asthma but I did report), such talk would be routine, but how does a kid working at an office supply store come up with that and expect the customer to know the e-mail address has “cc” in in and not “charlie charlie”? When I wrote it down, I even said to him that that sounded odd, but he just repeated “charlie charlie”. Maybe he’d been watching too many war movies.

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