GOP = joke

Over many decades, the GOP, courting the most ignorant, backward people eligible to vote, has found itself transformed from the party of the elites to the party of the no-nothings. And nothing could display this better than the current GOP presidential candidates. It’s almost as if you can’t use “presidential” and “GOP” in the same sentence without sounding as stupid as the candidates sound.
What are some of their “positions”? It’s hard even to dignify their posturing with the word position. They want to raise a Berlin Wall between us and Mexico, our second biggest trading partner. That one is guaranteed to increase respect for Mexico among their constituents. That’s like the kid in my class day before yesterday who said if Indians had ever done anything they wouldn’t still be weaving baskets. And there’s a Navaho kid in class he talks to all the time. That’s the level our GOP candidates and their constituents operate at. The stupidest, most backward stereotypes about other countries.
Herman Cain’s dismissal of Uzbekistan goes down well in pork rind country but most Americans with a high school diploma and some familiarity with the alphabet know that Central Asian countries sit on oil and are routes between China and the Middle East, sharing cultural elements with both…… well, that’s a stretch, but they do have some idea that you cannot dismiss these countries the way every GOP candidate does.
Romney? He never mentions foreigners; they might interfere with his appeal to the folks in the hollers.I’ll bet Romney reads position papers on foreign policy but would never admit it. Huntsman is in the wrong party, so we won’t discuss him. And if Newt is the brain of the party, we should put out a call for a transplant, quick.
It’s as if the 7th grade class I subbed in were now a political party, complete with fart jokes. Oh, and don’t forget the ethnic jokes and dumb blonde jokes. Do Cain and Bachman not realize who they are courting? People who believe Blacks are naturally criminal and woman naturally dumb, that’s who they are courting.
Which leads to the sad characterization of the GOP: the know-nothing party, and not in the sense of the moniker hung on the secret party effort of the 19th century. They really don’t know anything, and they’re proud of it. Let’s elect one…….. and then move. What are housing prices like in Uz-bek-bek-bek-stan?Oh, one sign of progress the GOP race has given us: we can now make fun of a Black guy without being called racist. 

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