Syntax switches

Listening to TV this past week, I hear a couple of interesting things.
One was the floating possessive -s, as in “John Boehner, the Speaker of the House’s back yard…….” from a TV reporter.
The other was in an interview with Meghan McCain where either she or the interviewer (I wasted valuable grading time looking for a replay of that on the computer) used “attribute” much the same way people use “blame” e.g. “… that can be attributed to Cain’s success…” instead of what he meant (from the context): “… Cain’s success can be attributed to that…..”.
I hear people say He was blamed on that instead of That was blamed on him or He was blamed for that.
Keep in mind, the word “like” used to be used like Spanish gustar or French plaire or Russian nravit’sa and this is how the syntax switched around.

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