I don’t like it.

I’ve told the story often of the two teachers sitting in front of me at a fl meeting where someone was presenting something on tprs. The one on the left turned to me and said, “I despise tprs”. I asked why. She didn’t know anything about it but she was sure she didn’t like it.
Foolishly, I pressed on, asking what particular features of this thing she knew nothing about she didn’t like. I got a request something like, “Well, just what is it, then”, in a challenging tone. So I threw out a few of the principles of tprs (which she could have gotten simply by listening to the presenter).
She remained unconvinced, but her seat partner later turned to me and started with, “Since you do so much tprs……..” I had never said I did tprs but simply b/c I knew what it was, that made me not only a practicioner but a supporter.
It would be easy to regard these two as idiots, but I’ve noticed this over and over on the listserv. If someone writes that astronauts travel in horsedrawn buggies and you write in that that’s mistaken, they ride in rocket ships, you’ll get back, “Since you’re an astronaut…” and also that you are an advocated of space travel. Personally, I think the whole moon landing was shot in a Wal-Mart parking lot just last January…. but now I’ve got people ready to engage me in polemics over the moon landing. Sigh ***
The first lady reminds me of my grandson who doesn’t like anything that doesn’t have peanut butter on it. “I don’t like it.”

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