Fascinating & clarifying panels

From Diane Rheme show:
out of incident of sargeant killing Afghan civilians
Ass’t Sec’y of Defense under Reagan:
he heard Musharraf gave Bush 6 months to clean things up before the Pakistanis went back to the “double game”
General conversation:
the Guard is a strategic force, not operational. They don’t have the resources when deployed overseas and aren’t meant to be deployed over and over. So they don’t have mental health teams, etc.
Reagan guy said THAT is what the draft is for, to keep these troops from being tapped out.
Most blame went to the Bush administration and the panelists did not sound like liberals.
The new strategy of using specialized units and putting them in isolated outposts is also flawed
On MSNBC Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace were talking about Game Change. That was great: the very participants talking about the movie and how accurate it was. It was. They couldn’t keep McCain from watching MSNBC; politicians like to see what people are saying about them and I’m sure McCain knew Fox wouldn’t tell the truth.
According to either Gerson or Cohen in the Washington Post column, Palin changed American politics into a race to the most ignorant, raising ignorance to an art form. She seemed immature, self-centered, and deeply incurious.

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