Starting the new a “new” room

Daily lesson plans
Yesterday I had a chance to look at some classrooms. It was my choice: the new one I’m in now or either of a couple of old ones. I feel the new teacher should have the new classroom simply b/c it puts her next to the other fl teachers but also b/c she’s full-time and I’m not. In reality, I’m tickled over my “new” room: it’s very old, which means I have no restrictions on putting things up on the walls. Following the idea Brian gave me, I want to stretch butcher paper around the room and track our stories on it. I couldn’t do that very well in the “new” room due to restrictions on fasteners. Also, this room puts me much closer to the bigger, faster copy machines, the front office, and, most importantly, the cafeteria……. no, I don’t eat in the cafeteria. But all last year in the new building I was having to lug my stuff up stairs after walking a long ways from the parking lot. Now, I park a few yards from my door and no stairs. It’s great.

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