The Day Before the Students Arrive

Yesterday was the worst day at school since the time my old school told me in the morning that I had to be out of the room I’d been in for 20 years by the end of the day. I had to move all my stuff from one building to another and had only 2 hours to do it in. I had some help and eventually a top dog offered me a golf cart with a flat bed that helped a lot. I was allowed to use the freight elevator but had to endure a chewing out by a janitor who was angry because I propped the door open to get my boxes out. Sometimes I think the reason people like computers is b/c everything can be transferred electronically and there are no boxes. But then there are no realia objects either. But of course we can “go to the web” and find all this stuff. They really are sapping the soul out of teaching. I see and hear signs of that around me every day.
So yesterday I walked into the meeting half an hour late only to be told to go home b/c I looked like death warmed over. When I got in the car, the radio said it was 106 but I hit the thermometer in my car and it registered 114, not unusual for this time of year. Anyway, I overheated. Today I worked pretty much in my room and got everything neatened up for the students to tour tomorrow.
I’m already getting panicked e-mails from 3rd year students who’ve noticed the name change in the teacher column. They will appreciate me but I think they’ll appreciate her, too. She’s a very different teacher from me lots of grammar, lots of competition, lots of fun. They’ll adjust.
Today, tomorrow and Friday will be good days. I am planning. I’ve got materials for the classes. The custodians are delivering some tables and I’ve got lots of wall space to put up butcher paper. On that paper will go the story we are reading. I have one for Latin but not for Spanish. I’ll have to invent one I guess. Might be fun.

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