A cultural vignette

This is another short piece, taken from a movie, showing a number of cultural facets: dancing, music, dress, mating customs, humor, etc. Not knowing the plot of the movie, I can only observe the easy joking among the people, the enjoyment of the dance, the expertise of the instrumentalists, the apparent acceptance of the albino although if he is a professional musician, he may be of low status, the perhaps feigned disinterest of the young lady in the young man and his money, and the eager grabbing of the money by her friend. All this is fun. Note also the way butt-shaking is an integral part of the dancing, something many Americans find unacceptable. Is there a sexual intent to the butt-shaking? Of course, a simple acceptance of sexuality as part of the human condition, but that, too, is unacceptable to many Americans, another example of our Puritan Heritage.

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