Third week, getting the butcher paper up

I put up butcher paper along the walls, one for Spanish and one for Latin. Of course, Sp 1st hour sets things up and I am wondering how to make sure 4th hour Sp buys in. I maybe have to stagger who gets to start off.
At any rate, both Sp and Latin went well. For Latin I reviewed the entire first book, focusing on characters and places. Tomorrow we will start with the second book and develop whatever we need to follow the stories pictures, words, diagrams, charts. Today I drew a Roman villa plan and Mount Vesuvius. Then we talk about these things. The same thing with Sp except I’m going slower since they’re first year. I have to be esp careful b/c at least half the class has had some Sp and I tend to forget a good number have not. Also, I have 3 students just in from China whose English is shaky. They probably will do better as we shift to more and more Sp.
All in all, the day was a real good start and tomorrow is block, so I’ll have time to develop this.

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