The design of textbooks

Anyway, your comment about travel figuring prominently in textbooks b/c it is such a prominent feature of the teachers’ experience of the TL is just so clear-headed. I love it.
Teaching Sp for the first time in a while with a new textbook that seems intent on students learning the names of each finger of a glove used only for skiing on the off-chance they’ll find themselves in the Andes at a ski resort and have to say, “O! My (insert name of glove finger) has a hole in it”, I’m turning myself inside out to “cover the material” so someone can say Hola at the end of the year.
I am taking the overall vocabulary needed for second year into account, teaching it the way I want to, then retiring. Same with the grammar.
p.s. what research can the textbook companies produce that tells us that teaching major words in field of endeavor by field of endeavor is the best way to see students retain them? Or are they above that and only tprs and other CI teachers have to justify their method and approach?

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