The Joy of Finding and the Shame of Secretive Politics

The sign says, “He who has a clean, uncluttered desk will never know the thrill of finding something he thought lost forever.” True in my case. Last night I was waiting for parents on Meet the Teacher night and decided to slog through some file drawers that hadn’t been touched since the move 4 weeks ago. Out of the mounds of old tests a small green envelope fell. I was going to leave it for the janitors but I don’t like that when it’s easier for me to pick it up and toss. As I did, I noticed it was unopened. I had figured it to be an old Xmas card but when I opened it it was a thank you card from the end of last year with a $20 gift certificate to B&N from the parents of a student. So Monday, I’ll have to e-mail them my belated thanks. But that was real nice. Since most everyone in my school is very conservative and very Republican, I won’t tell them I’m using it to buy Joan Walsh’s What’s the Matter With White People. OTOH, a parent stopped me last night as I was getting into my car and asked if I was a teacher at this school. When I replied that I was, she pointed to my 2 Obama stickers and said, “Wow. You really have some courage. I’m Catholic and if I were to put those stickers on my car, I’d be shunned (interesting she used an LDS term)”. I laughed and said they hadn’t caught up with me after 5 years. And she gave me a thumbs up and said, “I’m with you.” If she were in a focus group at her church, she wouldn’t say she was going to vote for Obama…. but she will.

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